Who has time to go to PT 3 x a week!

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This is another huge area of frustration for me. Plain and simply its a massive (and unnecessary) overuse of services.
Only in very, very rare cases would 3 visits a week be necessary. I am only putting that in there because I am sure there must be something that would require it. (However I can not think of anything medically that I would see, that would justify it). Basically, my gut reaction as I type this tells me that statement is BS. Physicians ALWAYS put 3 x week for 4-6 weeks. Ask them why? It’s because that’s what everyone else does. There is no medical basis for it.

Is coming to be “stretched” or “mobilized” that 3rd visit, or even second visit going to make any difference? 1-2 visits/week you only recover 50%, but add in that third and BOY! you’re gonna hit 100% recovery, not a chance. Its just not true, and anyone that tells you does not have your best interests at heartr. Those that are gonna kick back at me for this, I bet they do it, and have no physiological grounds to support the extra visits. Same thing goes for “Maintenance” packages, notorious in the chiropractic world. Maintenance, really? How about you fix me, and teach me what to do, so it doesn’t come back!

Look, not ALL PT’s and Chiro’s practice like this, but a very, VERY large majority do. Some know they are doing it. It’s part of the “game”. Some have no idea. Its just what they learned, and what everyone else does. Hey, I understand our medical system is broken. It is a for-profit engine, (and a massive conflict of interest in my opinion). How can you really be sure that your care is focused on your health and not the providers profit? You can never truly know, but I am hoping that these blogs give some insight and clues to help identify it when you see it?

Here is a couple of clues that just came to mind.

Maintenance Packages

Bulk Appointment Deal

3 visits a week


Medical professionals, including myself when I first came out of school, have an over-inflated perception of our importance in your recovery. Without our specialized “hands-on” stretching, mobilizations, manipulations and massage, you are not going to get better. Reality is our manual skills, have jack to do with it. IF you DON’T do your home exercise (not 45 exercises either, that’s just stupid, so is 8), and come to therapy 3, 4, 5 times a week, guess what? Your recovery will stall. If you DO your home exercise (just 1, the right one!), and DON’T do formal PT, you will get better. So whats more important? Appointments, or the right home exercise. Our knowledge, and ability to educate is way more important.

Your understanding of the issue, why you are doing something, a logical, rational, and systematic approach to assessment and treatment, and ADHERENCE to a home program (again not 12 freakin’ exercises either! )is THE key to quick and optimal recovery.

Take home message. YOU are the key to the recovery. WE are just guides. IF you are having appointment 3 x a week, your provider better be able to justify WHY! And it better not be some bogus medical reason. It had better be because they changed one variable of your care, and they need to assess your response!

Think Simply. Think Logically.


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