A blindman walks into a doctors office…

It sounds like the start of a joke, but it is far from it. People have this idealized view of medical professionals, you know the Hippocratic oath and all that junk. The real oath should be

“Don’t do anything to get you or us, the corporation, sued. Be profitable. There is no profit in health or death, the middle is the sweet spot. If you actually happen to help some one while achieving those other things, total bonus!”

It blows my mind that the public seem to forget that our healthcare system is a FOR-PROFIT system! It is a major conflict of interest. How can you trust someone that has a financial gain from your health or that has obligations to a board of investors. You honestly can’t with 100% conviction.

The same skepticism people have about mechanics, until they have proven you can trust them, you should apply to healthcare professionals. Get a second or third opinion. Make them prove or explain why whatever they recommend is the best option.

I understand that not EVERY healthcare professional is like that, but you can not take recommendations on such blind faith. When it comes down to it at its very core, if no profit is made businesses fail.

If you keep in the back of your mind the question “What is in it for them?” and you will be able to identify the good from the garbage.

I am not excluding myself from this conversation. I am a for-profit business, but I am long-term profit seeker. I am more than happy to leave dollars on the table in the short-term if it benefits me in the long-term. I don’t add garbage treatments to make a few extra bucks. I don’t add unnecessary visits. I don’t violate your trust. I don’t pander to my patients.
I want you to get better and fast. I want you to truly understand what we are doing and why. I want you to leave thinking

” Wow, that was awesome! The other place I went to was terrible. I will never go anywhere else”.

We want you to recover quickly, leave happy and tell your friends that we am the place to go.
We want your money, and your friends and families too. We are just willing to earn it, along with your trust, over the long haul.