Professional Embarrassment

Today’s Northampton Days event turned out to be very enlightening, pretty embarrassing, and incredibly frustrating.

Chris and I were lucky enough to have some really good conversations with people in the area. We were able to convey our key principles, and hopefully we get the opportunity to impact lives on the people we met.

Unfortunately I found myself cringing with most conversations. Some times it was for what the PT they had been to was doing, but mostly out of embarrassment for my profession.

It is clear that physical therapy as a profession is doing a terrible job at educating the public on what real physical therapy is and what we learn.

The misconception is rampant. Just about every person I talked to had experienced or believed that PT was massage, e-stim, ultrasound and exercises.

Clearly this is from therapists that continue to provide this type of GARBAGE PT, and it is also coming from the educational systems that train therapists.

I actually had a person who was a massage therapist, and had a personal training certification, saying that he can basically do what  physical therapist does. I was not offended in the slightest, I was sad that people truly have no idea what TRUE physical therapy is. The worst part is that those the continue to provide garbage PT  provide support this persons beliefs.

Our schools continue to educate future PT’s in interventions that have proven to be ineffective, and foster therapist dependency.

We have a HUGE challenge before us. I hope that we can call upon those that read this, and our former patients to help spread the word of what therapy should be. Even if it is one at a time, I am determined to revolutionize physical therapy, its practices, and its perception.

Think Simply. Think Logically