But I’m bone-on-bone!

This is a very common statement in many of the patients that we see. Patients arrive with a report from their xray that sees that they have severe arthtitis in their knee. Unfortunately it is a massive battle to talk them off the edge of the cliff at that point. It is officially typed on a piece of paper therefore it must be the cause of their pain.

The truth is that it very well may not be the cause of pain. Arthritis is a very normal part of aging. I would bet there are a lot more people with the same level of arthritis walking around WITHOUT pain, then there are with it. Radiographs (xrays) are snap shot of what should really be a movie.

Recently we had a women in here that had been told to have both her knees replaced due to the fact that she had pain, AND had “severe” arthritis on her xray. Fortunately she had heard about us and decided to have us evaluate it her, and she was lucky we did!

Her joint motion was “baby” smooth, and only painful that the very end parts of bending and straightening her knee. She had no pain with full compression and grinding of the knee joint surfaces, and in most knees that I see that truly need to be replaced, she DID NOT have the sickly “squeak” I hear and feel in a badly damaged knee. It produces a similar sound to rubbing your thumb over a plate fresh out of a dishwasher.

Additionally they had NO previous xrays to compare it too, so how do you know that is not how her knee has always been? They don’t! They are making an assumption, and a costly one at that.

Our patient was 80% better after the first visit, and 100% after her 4th visit, and is back playing pickleball.

As I have stated many times before, you cannot diagnosis a dynamic system with a static image.

It is well worth having one visit before you have surgery.

Think Simply. Think Logically.