Stretching for low back pain makes no sense!

Did you know that we flex our spines around 4000 times per day? It is true. It happens hundreds of times per hour. Sometimes we hold the position for a long time, and some times it is just a for a second or two.

Every time we sit we flex our spine to get there, and most sit with a rounded or flexed back. Some other examples are;

Driving, using the toilet,putting on and taking off shoes, socks, pants, underwear, brushing out teeth when we wash dishes, or cook dinner, if we pick something off the floor. The list goes on and on.

Lumbar flexion… thousands of times per day! Most even sleep in a flexed position.

It drives me absolutely crazy when I see or hear someone (typically trainers or Yogis) recommending flexion stretches for low back pain. It is rampant on the internet, and social networks.

“Do these 8 yoga stretches to fix your low back pain”

“Stretch your hamstrings for low back pain”

Not only does research show that flexion is statistically not the way to go, but so does logic.

If we flex around 4000 times per day, and we still have back pain,do you really think 8 more flexion stretches will make it better? 4000 don’t help, but 4008 fix it immediately. Get outta here.

This is what I mean about “Think Simply. Think Logically”.

Are there occasionally reasons to actually flex more? Sure there are, but they are significantly far less likely. I highly encourage you to read my posts on sciatica if you have not already to learn why initially it may make you feel better, but at a huge detriment long-term.

Think Simply. Think Logically.