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It blows my mind what therapists consider to be skilled physical therapy. Our profession is so bloated with garbage interventions and a perception of self-importance. So many, including myself when I first graduated, believe that our “hands on” treatment is the vital part of recovery for a patient. I am not discounting the potential benefit of the basic benefits of … Read More


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I hate this term in general, but I especially hate it in the medical field. I hate it when clinicians try and pigeonhole everyone into a group of expected norms. I see people get labeled due to “excessive” range of motion, strength differences, movement differences, and structural differences. There is a massive spectrum of “normal” healthy anatomy, however most medical … Read More

But I’m bone-on-bone!

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This is a very common statement in many of the patients that we see. Patients arrive with a report from their xray that sees that they have severe arthtitis in their knee. Unfortunately it is a massive battle to talk them off the edge of the cliff at that point. It is officially typed on a piece of paper therefore … Read More

Stretching for low back pain makes no sense!

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Did you know that we flex our spines around 4000 times per day? It is true. It happens hundreds of times per hour. Sometimes we hold the position for a long time, and some times it is just a for a second or two. Every time we sit we flex our spine to get there, and most sit with a … Read More

Trust a MRI like you do Hillary or Trump!

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Politicians lie. At best tell half truths. We are skeptical about everything they say. We doubt them. Second guess their motives, but if a MRI shows a disc issue we are all in! I wish that the general public had those same doubts when confronted with the results of an MRI. It is completely illogical, and leads to so many … Read More

A blindman walks into a doctors office…

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It sounds like the start of a joke, but it is far from it. People have this idealized view of medical professionals, you know the Hippocratic oath and all that junk. The real oath should be “Don’t do anything to get you or us, the corporation, sued. Be profitable. There is no profit in health or death, the middle is … Read More

Who has time to go to PT 3 x a week!

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Is coming to be “stretched” or “mobilized” that 3rd visit, or even second visit going to make any difference? 1-2 visits/week you only recover 50%, but add in that third and BOY! you’re gonna hit 100% recovery, not a chance. Its just not true, and anyone that tells you does not have your best interests at heartr. Those that are … Read More

Piriformis Syndrome & Sciatica – Part Dos

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Hey Everyone, Welcome back for the conclusion of the garbage treatment of “Piriformis Syndrome”. Ever have trouble standing up first thing in the morning? Does it get better after a few steps? Is it hard to get out of the car or chair after sitting too long? Its all about the jelly! I had left off explaining why “piriformis stretches” … Read More

Piriformis Syndrome & Sciatica. – Sorry, you’re not that special!

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Hey Everyone couldn’t sleep. Been up for oh…19.5 hours so I decided I am going to drop a few things tonight. Firstly I’m gonna DROP some knowledge (Not only for the public, but clearly for some physical therapists, and chiropractors as well). Sciatica is a SYMPTOM, not a DIAGNOSIS. It simply refers to a wide variety of sensations be it pain, burning, tingling, … Read More

Professional Embarrassment

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Today’s Northampton Days event turned out to be very enlightening, pretty embarrassing, and incredibly frustrating. Chris and I were lucky enough to have some really good conversations with people in the area. We were able to convey our key principles, and hopefully we get the opportunity to impact lives on the people we met. Unfortunately I found myself cringing with most conversations. … Read More