Trust a MRI like you do Hillary or Trump!

Politicians lie. At best tell half truths. We are skeptical about everything they say. We doubt them. Second guess their motives, but if a MRI shows a disc issue we are all in! I wish that the general public had those same doubts when confronted with the results of an MRI.

Hopefully you read my previous post about a blind man walks in to the doctors office.. (if you didn’t read it here).
If that did not help open your eyes. Lets try it this way. MRI’s are a static image of a dynamic system.
It would be like trying to fix a swimmers stroke without every seeing them swim. You can make hypotheses all day about whats wrong but they have no basis of validity. Would you believe your coach or trainer if they never saw you in action. So why do it with a physician?

It is completely illogical, and leads to so many misdiagnoses and unnecessary surgeries and treatments. The reality of it is that MRI’s when assessing neuro-musculo-skeletal issues are essentially worthless in determining the actual source of pain. You can’t diagnosis a dynamic system with a static assessment. Lets get into some research. A recent systematic review, (a summary of research), reported the following;

MRI’s show Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is present in 37% of 20 year old people and increases with age to showing up in 96% of 80 year old people. Remember these people have NO pain!

MRI’s show disc bulges are present in 30% of those 20 years old and increases to 84% in those 80 years of age. Again NO pain!!

MRI’s show disc protrusion present in 29% in 20 year old individuals up to 43% in 80 year old individuals.

The prevalence of annular fissure (tear in the wall of the disc) increased from 19% of those 20 years of age to 29% of those 80 years of age.

You can not use imaging as the sole diagnostic tool for back pain and related symptoms. Many times people with pain have NOTHING show up on an MRI. I guess that must mean there faking it right? A dynamic assessment will clarify the validity of MRI findings.

Your body is the ONLY thing that is 100% accurate. It will tell you when something is wrong. In the right conditions it will heal itself. It is way smarter than us.