Did you know that not all physical therapy is the same?

It is true! Just ask our patients that have gone else where. Physical therapists can differ drastically in the techniques they use, their philosophies, and their motivation .
Many utilize passive modalities like ultrasound, e-stim, hot packs, cold packs. Others rely on “hands-on” interventions such as myofascial release, trigger point release, massage, joint mobilizations, passive stretching, acupuncture, and dry needling. Many believe that your can strengthen way pain, and give patients a entire series of exercises.

We don’t use any passive modalities, try and avoid hands-on as much as possible, and don’t give a whole series of exercises, what is left. It is what we don’t do that makes us so different, and why our patients get better so quickly!

Did physical therapy not work for you somewhere else?

In some cases physical therapy is not the answer, but all to often generic shotgun approaches to treatment are the norm and typically results in a long drawn out recovery, where recovery could be attributed to time rather than a generic treatment.
Shotgun generic treatments are the result of not truly understanding the issue, and then focusing in on fixing the cause.

“For the most efficient path to focused care is a systematic, logical, and rational strategy.”

This provides rapid results without wasted time, useless exercises, and interventions. For example our average visits for sciatica, back pain or herniated discs are 4-6 visits. The minimal visits are the direct result of understanding the problem, focused treatment, and empowering the patient.

Were you told you need surgery?

It is very important to understand where you are getting that information from. Any recommendation is going to be filled with some bias wherever the source, but you should remember that “you get where you go”.

“You don’t go to Taco Bell and expect them to offer you a Big Mac.”

If you go to a physical therapist, they will recommend physical therapy, you go to a chiropractor, they will recommend chiropractic, you go to a surgeon, they will recommend surgery. You can always get surgery if our physical therapy does not help, but once you have surgery it can not be undone.
We will have a good idea if we will be able to help in 1-3 visits. We have an excellent track record of getting patients to avoid surgery and we especially recommend at least having 1 appointment with us if you have shoulder pain, neck, pain, back pain, sciatica, knee pain, or hip pain.
If you had an x-ray or MRI that says you have a rotator cuff tear, a mensical tear, degenerative joint or disc, arthritis, or you are bone-on-bone, you shoulder definitely come see us, as many of these are normal findings and likely unrelated to your pain!

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