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Simple, logical and effective physical therapy so you can get back to pain free living.

3 Steps To Pain Free Living


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We take the time to listen and understand the core source of your problem. Until you understand it, you can't fix it.


Execute a simple and logical plan that eliminates pain quickly, and places you in control.

"...helped to correct both a shoulder and hip issue with just one exercise for each..."
Terri B.
“…thought every therapy clinic was the same until I went to OSP…”
Liz B.
"Don’t make the same mistake I did. No matter what anyone else has told you,... go to OSP."
Linda M.
"...His approach was different from anything we had experienced before..."
Laurie C.

What Our Patients Say

“…hands down the best Physical therapy around…”
Sonal P.
“…first visit and pain was half gone…”
Susan H.
“…like no other PT I have been too!…”
Julie E.
“…simply the best PT I have ever dealt with…”
John K.

Your Physical Therapy Is...


Complexity leads to confusion and ineffective care. We give simple and easy care that does not depend upon us. We believe that the body is much smarter than us, and if you can decipher what it is trying to tell us, the solution to fix it is simple..


Your treatment will follow a logical and rational strategy that is clear and easy to understand. You will know exactly why you are doing any activity that is prescribed.
Your treatment will be constructed so that we understand your problem more with every visit. Nothing can be fixed until you understand it.


We ensure that your treatment is effective and effcient. We won't waste your time or ours giving you "stuff" to do. You will get a treatment plan that places you in charge, provides the most efficient path for recovery, and focuses on the core root of your issue.

What We Treat

Spine Care

We are experts in spinal care, and is one of the areas we are most well known for. Our systematic approach provides simple and logical treatment that provides incredibly fast results.

Upper Extremity

Commonly misdiagnosed disorders such as bursitis, impingement or frozen shoulder, are often far more simple. Once identified correctly respond very well to our care.


We believe that someone can always get surgery, but you can't undo it. Surgery completely changes the treatment process, but If you get it we are experts at streamlining the recovery.

Lower Extremity

Our opinions differ from most physical therapists, in that strengthening to stop pain is, in most cases, pointless. To fix a problem you must first understand it, or you are just guessing.