Three bulging disks happening on my first week of summer break certainly created pain and panic over what to do and how to get better! In 4 weeks OSP helped me to stand pain free and participate on a busy, week long, family vacation to Historic Williamsburg. Always professional-Always reachable!

Sharon G.

OSP is, by far, the best Physical Therapy facility I have ever been to. Glynn has helped to correct both a shoulder and hip issue with just one exercise for each body part, whereas, most Physical Therapists give you many exercises for homework and three visits a week. If you have any physical pain in any area, please consider OSP as your first choice. They are wonderful.

Terri B.

Glynn helped my knee immediately. Not kidding-first visit and pain was half gone. Most mobile I had been in over 2 weeks. After 2 more visits am almost totally better!!! I AM AMAZED, and relieved and in awe. Thank you so so so much!

Susan H.

GLYNN LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE!! My Doctor sent me to PT for some balance problems. Glynn had some concerns after a few minutes into the evaluation. He called my Doctor and asked for an MRI of brain stem. After about a week my doctor got me a CT scan of my brain which was clear, and sent me back to Glynn for balance again. Glynn said that the brain scan was not what he needed, but reevaluated me. He immediately said that I need to go to a neurologist that day. Long story short, the neurologist ordered and MRI of my brain stem. They found a tumor! Thanks to Glynn they caught it early enough and were able to operate and remove it. Words can not express how grateful I am.

Mary B.

I had been having groin pain for about 2 years. I had been diagnosed by several people for a hip flexor strain. I had been having treatment at other healthcare providers for months and months without success. I had heard about OSP and got evaluated. Very quickly I was diagnosed with a labral tear in my hip. I went and had an MRI to confirm it, and they were right! I ended up having surgery and returned to OSP for rehab. I am back to normal now, playing high level sports without pain. I will go nowhere else for PT.

Ben P.

OSP Physical Therapy is like no other PT I have been to! What makes OSP different is the care you receive. Glynn never pulls exercises out of a drawer! He personally evaluates you and determines what exercises and care you need based on the symptoms you present in his office. He then works with you one on one to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and making the progress expected. I have never had that kind of personalized care at any other PT facility. Three out of five members of my active family have been his patient and we will never go anywhere else!

Julie E.

I had been treated for 4 years for plantar fascitis on both feet. I spent thousands of dollars on every treatment you could imagine. I had gone from being an avid athlete to barely being able to do anything. A friend referred me to OSP, and what a blessing. Within 5 minutes, my therapist told me it was not plantar fascitis and was coming from my back. Within a few weeks I had little to no pain and was able to get back to running! Don’t make the same mistake I did. No matter what anyone else has told you, you have to go to OSP.

Linda M.

I found OSP and Glynn Hunt in May of 2014. I was a year post surgery and chemo for Osteosarcoma in my left femur. In the process they replaced my left hip ball and the top of my femur. I followed all the instruction of my surgeon who just recommended walking and even went to occupational therapy, but still my walk was rough and I felt unsteady on my feet. On my first visit to OSP, I was still limping and mostly walking with a cane. Glynn thoroughly evaluated my history and investigated my current mobility with a series of tests. I was really taken back by just how quickly he diagnosed and actually showed me the mechanics of my weak areas and devised an exercise plan. The “one on one” attention far exceeded my expectations and the improvements in strength were almost immediate. By the summer, my cane was gone and so was my limp. He also diagnosed back issues that caused weakness and pain running down my leg. Having the cancer history…this pain was extremely frightening, but Glynn understood and quickly did a series of tests that convinced me it was my back and manageable. Deciding I was not satisfied with my mobility and making that first call to OSP changed my future. I continue with my exercises at home and have made what I learned from Glynn part of my daily routine. I am very grateful to Glynn for his expert help, positive outlook, motivation, sense of humor and encouragement.

Donna C.

After seeing two orthopedic doctors, without signs of improvement for what was thought to be a knee injury by the orthopedists, I was referred to physical therapy at OSP. When I went to my first appointment at OSP, I could barely walk and was on crutches. I was in so much pain and completely miserable. Upon examination and describing my symptoms to Glynn, he indicated to me that my symptoms were from my back, not my knee. He immediately started me on a new course of treatment for which I am grateful for because the pain significantly subsided and my mobility returned. I can’t say enough about his skill level and knowledge. He also really cares if you get better! He is so dedicated to what he does. I highly recommend Glynn and OSP if you are suffering from physical limitations and need a great physical therapist.

Mira O.

I had been treated at a well known local PT company for an ACL tear before I came to OSP. I re-tore my ACL, and was recommended to OSP. I thought every therapy clinic was the same until I went to OSP. I had never had treatment like that. I received individualized treatment and instruction from an actual therapist, and there weren’t 10 other people there. I was challenged and progressed like I wanted. I assure you that OSP is like no other place. Their care, experience and education are unmatched. You must go to OSP.

Liz B.

OSP is hands down the best Physical therapy around for any pain and Glynn Hunt is the best Physical therapy doctor. His knowledge and experience has helped my husband and I get rid of excruciating Sciatica and planters fasciiitis pain. Thanks to Glynn, with just a few simple exercises we are able to get through our day almost pain free. Before OSP both of us had been through a few rounds of cortisone shots and at least a couple sets of shoe inserts that cost us hundreds of $$$ without any relief. We convey our gratitude to Dr Glynn at OSP. We have been recommending Dr Glynn and OSP to anyone we know that is suffering from musculoskeletal pain, hope they take the initiative to see Glynn and are able to get the same relief that my husband and I are experiencing. Thank you Dr Glynn.

Sonal P.

My daughter was injured playing soccer, and what started as a time of great concern, became one of the best things that could have happened. That injury lead us to Glynn, our Physical Therapist. His approach was different from anything we had experienced before. Until we came to Glynn, we did not even know we had been getting sub-par care. He exceeded all our expectations. Rather than just focusing on treating the injury he identified and corrected the problems that led to it. I was shocked when he showed me the deficits of my “healthy” daughter. We were rolling the dice every time she stepped on the field and now I could see it too. My daughter recovered from her injury and we were happy, but we were thrilled when we saw what a difference Glynn’s training made with her on field performance. Not only did it decrease her risk of injury, but she was faster, stronger, and more powerful. She also had a confidence in her body that I have not seen before. I urge everyone to have their child checked by Glynn regardless of whether you think they are healthy or not. If you want to protect your athlete, and have them perform better… Go see Glynn.

Laurie C.

Glynn is simply the best PT I have ever dealt with. After a traumatic injury that required 2 separate surgeries to repair, I was able to make a full recovery (from wheelchair to crutches to eventually playing basketball) under Glynn's PT program. I traveled from Yardley to Holland 3x/ week for PT, and the extra travel time to treat at OSP instead of a nearby facility was 100% worth it. I recommend OSP to anyone in Bucks County or Northeast Philadelphia who is committed to making a full recovery. Thank you Glynn!

John K.

I have recommended Glynn to many of our friends and acquaintances. He is a very good diagnostician. He has a very pleasant disposition. If your child has a sports related injury or you are post surgical or are just in chronic pain...OSP is where to go to get better.

Alyse S.

Glynn Hunt helped me tremendously after serious hip/femur surgery. He listens intently to all of my symptoms and took the time necessary to properly diagnose the problem. He stayed on top of my progress and adjusted therapy as needed. I sent my sister in law (neck issues), brother (back issues), husband (shoulder and back issues) and my mother (hip issues). ALL had positive results. He is a rare medical find!!!

Donna C.

I came to Glynn after spending two weeks at a well-known “chain style” physical therapy outfit here in the Philadelphia area. I had experienced complications following ACL reconstruction surgery and I needed serious rehabilitation and therapy. From the moment I walked in the door, Glynn was attentive and professional. He conducted a thorough assessment, realized I needed serious one-on-one attention and established a treatment plan to get me back on the road to recovery. That road wasn’t easy but I can tell you that if it wasn’t for Glynn’s top-notch advice, in-depth knowledge and overall positive attitude and support, I would not have made it back to where I am today. I’m back playing soccer and jogging and I owe a great deal of credit to Glynn for being able to pursue these activities again. Glynn is a terrific physical therapist and I highly recommend him to anyone who requires physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Wayne P.

What a great experience. These guys helped me tremendously, and I have recommended them to many people now. When an issue you have lived with most of your adult life is fixed, it is life changing - THANKS

Michael K.

Glynn solved another joint issue for me! Knee pain keeping me awake, after two visits it is well on its way to healing!! Amazing! Better than any shot because it's fixing the problem.

Juile E.

This is an AWESOME place to come for injury in any form. I have been fighting pain for many years and they have helped figure my situation out rather quickly! It is a process and I trust these guys and you can as well!!!!

Morgan G.